ToscoFood is a limited liability company that was founded in June 2014 by the Menichini and Giorgi families. Despite being a very young company, thanks to years of experience acquired by its founders in marketing semi finished food products, they are able to guarantee high quality standards both in the choice of products and logistics, assisting with care the clients during every stage of the process until final delivery of the product.

The company specializes in the importation and marketing of semi finished food products intended for Industries, who after further processing in accordance with their own recipes, proceed with packaging.

ToscoFood works with the best suppliers in the market, which enable the procurement of table olives (of all varieties and origins), artichokes, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, peppers, garlic, capers and other agricultural products which are harvested in different times of the year, in order to satisfy the demand of the Food Industry operators.

Most marketed products comes from foreign markets (Greece, Spain, Poland, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Syria, Vietnam, China, Peru, Argentina, Morocco).

ToscoFood offers import services for companies, direct control of overseas producers and help with customs clearance.